Ceylon Crypto Coin

The "Value" is the language of the financial world. Value can be defined as ones judgement of what is important in life as well as an estimate of monetary worth. It can be paper or Crypto. However, Crypto is cost effective and easily spoken with a community who recognizes each product they offer to their target market on a decentralized neighborhood. Value is the basic necessity of every human being on “Planet Earth”. The language must be spoken by every household, whether they have credit ratings or not. Value keeps appreciating as the language reaches every Farmer and Fisherman of our Nation. Value is our basic necessity such as water and oxygen. It is our right… Hence the CCC was born
Neil D’Silva

Why was CCC born in Sri Lanka?

In recent years, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Sri Lanka has been difficult for various reasons. One of the main factors is the lack of freedom and security for a wealthy foreigner to control their own investments in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan projects gain very little exposure compared to other countries. The lack of external support for unique destinations packed with tourist attractions such as Kalpitiya and Pasikuda Tourism Master Plans, require continues efforts if we are to sustain the entrepreneurs who become catalysts in burgeoning destinations

The Soul who comes to a bank with an amazing idea has no chance to raise funds unless a fixed asset that carries a minimum foreclosure value of 60% is vested as security.

Bleeding interest rates, lack of freedom in the banking regulations for non performing companies leaves no option for entrepreneurs but lose their family properties and dear assets attached to their lifetime earnings.

If we were serving our Nation to enhance the happiness and wellbeing of our people, they must have the ability to restructure loans whether the development enters the crib report or not. The projects with fixed assets that carry attractive free hold values must have the freedom to restructure their business models. The developers try to continue their journeys passionately where the Socio Economical factor is the main objective of their profit modules.

We must understand that operations of luxury properties implemented in brand new destinations require years of operational expenditure (OPEX).

We can build our economies and sustain them with consisting growth patterns if our lenders are hungry to prosper the Nations

"Lokha Samasta Sukhino Bavanthu"


The CCC adapted the crowdfunding mechanism that ignited several thousands of projects around the world over the past 24 months and have reached a market cap of over US$ 300 billion as of Dec 2017. All of such investments were directed to great ideas through online crowdfunding strategy.

The main reason for this robust financial move was due to the Fintech Blockchain mechanism that made transaction exchange hands faster than the 3 to 4 working days we are used to from Banks. The system created a great transparency for investors. The crowdfunding strategy based on Fintech Technology opened the gateway for business ideas to be realized in their respective economies.

The CCC decentralized the Share Issue concept of the company. The language of money “Value” can now be spoken by the investors, developers, manufacturers or the service provider on the same platform without a third party intervention. Everyone becomes a united community of internal traders and investors.

The CCC platform can connect you with people from all over the world. Bringing the word of crowdfunders to every village of our Motherland through online campaigns.

The CCC is not a bank and does not lend money and charge interest. Instead, we buy shares of great inventions and ideas of Sri Lankans. We allow the owners of the businesses to implement and run the operation with no bank interest payments or lose their private assets kept as security with banks in search of their startup capitals.

The funds of the organization and its fixed assets are security for us the Shareholders. Such funds should be governed and managed by the license bank of Sri Lanka “Fund Manager” under the strict guidance of Central Bank of Ceylon.

Unlike many speculated Crypto Tokens around the world, the CCC is breaking ground in the world by offering Security for incoming Shareholders of the CCC due to the expensive assets being injected by the CCC at the discounted land values.

The CCC brings this opportunity to every Sri Lankan to become innovative to launch a project of their own, subject to the Board and Fund Manager’s approving process.

The CCC creates opportunities to great thinkers and youth while creating income streams for custodian banks of Sri Lanka with funds and assets to be managed by local banks. Securing the future of our Youth by promoting their ideas to wider group of investors.

The CCC becomes the gateway for foreign direct investment for startup capitals of selected projects of the CCC.